M.S. Debt Recovery and Solutions Inc. - Your, Out of Office Account Receivables Team!


Debt Collection Services Include:

1. Debt Collectiondebt collection


2. Small Claims

         Liens on property

 Garnishing order on: Banks, Employment etc.


3. Supreme Court Action

4. Out-sourced Financial Guidance (Only in severe cases when defendant/debtor does not have the means of paying the bill yet is ready to cooperate).

At M.S. Debt Recovery & Solutions Inc. we believe that in rare cases some customers lose the financial ability to pay the amount due and therefore need the financial guidance to get back on track in making payments to you. In these rare cases, we seek financial professional help with out of the office financial advisers to ensure a fast paced recovery with no extra cost to you or your customer.
Most agencies deliver the alternative of direct legal action – which can be very costly and time consuming with little to no recovery if your customer’s financial problems are not reviewed or considered.


Disclaimer: The Out-sourced Financial Guidance service is at no extra cost to you or your client. This is rather a service to bring in higher rates of collection for your organization, which reduces costs that would have been spent due to unnecessary court and attorney fees. Each case is reviewed based on the possibility of debt collection at the lowest cost possible. There is always a seperate agreement that must be signed by you before proceeding with this or any other alternative other than the telephone-only debt collection strategy. In other words, M.S. Debt Recovery & Solutions Inc. will not pursue any other form of debt collection without the contact names permission stated in the Account Listing Form

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