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About Us

M.S. Debt Recovery

M.S. Debt Recovery and Solutions Inc.

MS Debt Recovery opened it’s door on January 2nd 2014 with the mission to bring quality service to Small-Medium sized enterprises and lower rates compared to the market.

 With utilization of a  software system that brings our collector and client together as a team, a customer care department that works solely for the satisfaction of our clientele and an added approach towards collecting debt – the outsourced financial adviser; it is safe to say we have successfully left the traditional debt collection structure behind.

 Since it’s inception, Ms Debt Recovery has impacted many lives. 

  1. Sponsoring families & children around the globe
  2. Increasing clients  annual revenue by charging low commissions
  3. Helping consumers  out of debt by providing them the guidance they need

Regardless of the high competition and saturated market full of century old stable agencies, we have managed to remain in the market and survive!

After all, we are small but we are strong.

 -We are the MS Debt Recovery Team!

M.S. Debt Recovery  likes all consumers to know their rights inside and out. Please take a moment to read over the infotmation.

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