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An Insider on MS Debt Recovery’s Low Rate Phenomenon


An Insider on MS Debt Recovery’s Low Rate Phenomenon

February 16, 2014

In the last month now we’ve had many clients and third parties ask us the same burning question.

How in the world are you able to finance your day to day business needs when your commission rates are so low?

The question may be a burning one for our clients and also for those standing on the sidelines watching with a keen eye on how MS Debt Recovery will actually do.

But the answer my friends is very simple. I, however, will only provide you with enough information that will give you a head start to unfold such a phenomenon.

So lets get started!

The typical collection agency must keep their commissions as high as 20-50 percent to stay alive in this industry only because of their high overhead expenses and employee turn over rates. Now when I say must. I mean must. With the a software that has never been updated, costly methods of communicating with debtors and avoiding the new technological resources; the collection agencies have remained in the era they have started in. And that is a good 50 years plus looking at some of these agencies.

We, on the other hand, value the new way of doing business and that’s simply by utilizing the technological resources the new generation of business has to offer.

Furthermore, our employee turn over is decreased tremendously as the team members at Ms Debt Recovery are less known for being employees and more seen as shareholders with expertise in their respected positions – be it a collection officer, A skip tracer or a legal adviser.

We have brought to our clients the advantage of quality for little quantity.

Remember, it is because of our low costs that we are able to offer such low commission rates. And because of our lower prices, our clients are the ones who are finally able to raise their annual revenue just by pocketing most of the recovery.

You’ve heard our description as a company:

Were a new agency in town, without the old system. Lower commission rates; higher quality service.

But don’t take my word for it. I’m just a collection agency.

Tipping my hat,

M.S. Debt Recovery & Solutions Inc.

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